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Dries Buytaert (Fondateur @ Plugg

Le résultat du concours de start-up est là et les photos de la journée ici. Thanx @RobinWauters for this nice event !

Voici une petite interview de Dries Buytaert, le fondateur (belge) de Drupal

(Synthèse des tweets échangés durant la journée)

  • RT @Bart: apple store lessons – #plugg #
  • RT @tomklaasen: @dries was great, as always. Now listening to bart de crem of @tapolous fame #plugg #
  • Dries Buytaert, Druppal founder, on stage at #plugg #
  • RT @businessquests: « Europe does not have a money problem but a delivery problem in the innovation & entrepreneurship space » @fdestin #plugg #
  • #plugg Vinogusto, our belgian version of @garyvee 🙂 #
  • RT @netlash: Volgend jaar wil ik op Plugg géén startups rond mobile of social media, maar rond cloning, transporters en tijdsreizen. #
  • RT @simonmc: very weak comments from jury RT @ramonsuarez: #plugg jury comments should be voted too. :-/ #
  • RT @jcaudron: YES! @Robinwauters, can you still do this: use one screen for twitter? Who is in favor, raise your tweets please! #
  • #plugg I don’t want my voicemail telling me « You’v got a mail. And here is a coupon, go to McDonalds’. It already exists and it’s boooring ! #
  • RT @ndecrock: « Practice what you preach » @iabbelgium #plugg #
  • #plugg who will rings the bell ? Wanna see the babes now ! #
  • RT @a_cup_of_t: @pietel #plugg « The relevant message to the right people on the right time » Yeah, right 🙂 #
  • I strongly feel Alain Heureux is preaching in the wrong church. This #plugg audience already knows that stuff ! (via @toon) #
  • #plugg « do not lead by R&D, lead by products »@inma_martinez #
  • RT @EGlobale: #plugg here is the website of wreck a movie: #
  • RT @Audience: Presentations by women are always so… inspiring – lovely – cool – funny @inma_martinez #plugg we need more women! #
  • RT @ramonsuarez: #plugg European Entrepreneurs:clueless, pirates and superbad. The money is wearing a warhol’s skirt. Stradbroke investors #
  • Glowbox: « B2B version of Ning » @jcaudron #
  • #plugg « social is not a trend, it’s the next logical step » @jcaudron #
  • #plugg « content is king » –> « collaboration is king » #
  • #plugg listening to Mike Butcher (Techcrunch UK) and Gerd Leonhard, from Mediafuturist (?!) #
  • Omw to #plugg #

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Très chouette interview, merci pour le partage ! Toujours bon de voir des messages positifs de réussite, surtout en temps de crise. Cela remonte le moral et donne de l'inspiration !

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