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Les bons liens de la veille – 5 août 2009

Voici quelques articles dont la pertinence/l’intérêt m’ont marqué au cours des dernières 24H. Faites-en bon usage ! 🙂

  • Google’s Android Is Moving Into The Digital Home | mocoNews – By the end of the year, it looks like Google’s Android operating system will have moved beyond the smartphone. MIPS Technologies, a company which designs processors for various home entertainment devices, says it is working with partners to design Android-based platforms for set-top boxes, digital TVs, mobile internet devices, and home media players. The company expects Android-powered digital picture frames to come to market later this year, followed by digital TVs and set-top boxes in 2010.
  • ESPN Bans its Reporters From Sports-Related Social Media – An internal memo released yesterday by ESPN outlined a rigid new policy toward the use of social media by its on-air talent and writers. The new guidelines immediately sent shockwaves around the sports world and raised questions about the ownership of one’s personal thoughts and comments and how they can be published — via Twitter, Facebook or apparently any other digital means.
  • « Why I believe in the link economy » @CJAhearn, President of Reuters Media (via @benjaminferran) – … the Internet isn’t killing the news business any more than TV killed radio or radio killed the newspaper. Incumbent business leaders in news haven’t been keeping up. Many leaders continue to help push the business into the ditch by wasting “resources” (management speak for talented people) on recycling commodity news. Reader habits are changing and vertically curated views need to be meshed with horizontal read-around ones.

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