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Les bons liens de la veille – 10 août 2009

Voici quelques articles dont la pertinence/l’intérêt m’ont marqué au cours de dernières 24H. Faites-en bon usage ! 🙂

  • BBC Hovers On iPhone Apps Due To Apple Terms | mocoNews – While Apple’s iPhone App Store has clocked up a billion downloads and revolutionised the delivery of mobile services in its first year, one notable absentee on the store has been the BBC. While BBC Worldwide debuted Radio Times and Lonely Planet apps, and Livestation is distribution a BBC World News app, the public service broadcaster is still missing.paidContent:UK understands this is due to BBC anxieties over Apple’s terms and conditions – in particular, a concern that it would be left open to “unlimited liability”.

    The corporation is nervous that this would compel it to set aside a large amount of money in case of actions arising from this liability, according to a source – a difficult pill to swallow in these belt-tightening times. Auntie is now negotiating with Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) for an agreement that would mean a smaller financial commitment for it, another source says.

  • Tribune Launches Its Own Local HuffPost – Promoted at its beta launch as « Huffington Post meets Facebook, » Chicago Now aggregates and curates local bloggers, which it recruits and compensates on the basis of visits by Chicago-area users, and other content. It also has social networking elements and looks to offer advertisers targeted results.Bloggers are being added regularly, but among those already contributing to the mix are former Chicago White Sox pitcher Jack McDowell, Miss Illinois 2009 Ashley Bond, commentator Dennis Byrne and the band I Fight Dragons. The Chicago Now network also includes blogs such as the CTA Tattler, District 299 and Gapers Block and the Chicago Tribune’s RedEye Web site.
  • How Journalists Can Use Google Voice to Improve Their Reporting – The new, free Google Voice service is a game changer for journalists. It gives you flexibility and control over who you talk to, and it can save you a lot of time. Google Voice is currently available by invitation only at Product Manager Craig Walker said in a recent interview with me that if you request an invite today, the wait « shouldn’t be too long. »

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