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Les bons liens de la veille ( 24 novembre au 30 novembre )

Voici quelques articles dont la pertinence/l’intérêt m’ont marqué au cours des derniers jours. Faites-en bon usage ! 🙂

  • Social media ‘could transform public services’ (BBC News) – Social media could transform the NHS and other public services in the same way that file-sharing changed the music industry, a conference has heard.
    Growing use of tools, such as Facebook and Twitter, offered an opportunity to reinvent services, delegates heard.
    The MyPublicServices event debated ways to harness these conversations, many of which are critical, to make services better and more inclusive.
    If this was not done, many services would be undermined, speakers said.
  • Video Professor Tries To Bully Washington Post, Fails (via @arrington ) – Video Professor continues to be angry that I called them a scam in my original Scamville post. They’ve gotten nowhere reaching out to me directly (more on that below), so now they’ve tried complaining to the Washington Post, which has syndicated our content since 2008. The Washington Post stood firm beside us today and kept our original post as written. Good for them.
  • Beet.TV: Adobes CTO Kevin Lynch: Video Content will be Soon be Created for the Mobile Device first – With smart phone sales outpacing PC sales, mobile devices represent « the future of media » and video producers will soon begin to produce videos for the small screen first,in a « total reversal » of platform-specific programming, says Kevin Lynch, Chief Technology Officer of Adobe Systems.
  • Soon to Introduce Premium Accounts (by @vidyesh ) – Twitter Japan had always been isolated from rest of the Twitter Global herd. Earlier Twitter japan had launched the Twitvideo service and is the only country to have different services compared to its parent company. With ad rates ranging from US$5,500 to $33,000 for a customized page and banner and additional initial fees, the site also charges advertisers for targeted exposure to relevant groups making Japan the only country which runs a ad-enabled Twitter service and shows tremendous profit.
  • Lost the news? There’s an app for that… – The Independent (via @ptaillandier & @iIanDouglas ) – Here is the news… by iPhone. A BBC Radio 3 newsreader was forced to read the morning headlines from her mobile phone after the Corporation’s telephone and computer system crashed as she was about to go on air.The cool actions of experienced newsreader Alison Rooper, who has frequently presented the news on Radio 4’s Today programme and the World Service, meant that listeners were unaware of the glitch, although colleagues are fuming at the latest flaws in the BBC’s technology.
  • L’utilisation de Google Analytics serait illégale en Allemagne – Numerama (via @himad) – Des agences de protection des données personnelles allemandes estiment que l’utilisation de Google Analytics sur les sites web édités en Allemagne est contraire aux lois de protection de la vie privée Selon un avocat de Stuttgart, Carsten Ulbricht, l’utilisation de Google Analytics pourrait coûter une amende de 50.000 euros aux éditeurs récalcitrants, si les agences devaient entamer des procédures pour l’exemple. Mais selon une étude, 13 % des sites allemands utiliseraient le service de Google, y compris de grands journaux comme De Zeit
  • Ikea campaign innovation on Facebook breaks new ground (via @pierre_bonte ) – Facebook members were then encouraged to request Gordon as a friend. The first to tag themselves to a specific item in each showroom photo then won that particular Ikea product.As each Facebook user tagged themselves, news of the action also appeared on their news feed, creating a viral effect as the campaign was shared between friends and was spread across thousands of different profile pages.
  • 500 Internal Server Error – 500 Internal Server Error
  • Quand les médias sociaux s’invitent dans votre télévision – Après plusieurs mois d’attente, Facebook, Twitter et d’autres services sont enfin disponibles sur vos consoles favorites : Twitter and Facebook Launch on the Xbox 360 et PS3 3.10 Update Adds Facebook Features, Fixes Up Friends List. Le principe est simple : prolonger votre expérience sociale au travers d’une interface adaptée. Vous avez donc maintenant la possibilité de vous connecter (à l’aide de vos login / mot de passe) pour lire les tweets de vos amis et publier les vôtres
  • Bloomberg prepares for primetime | @mediaguardian – Steve Clark, the head of European and Middle East operations who was behind the launch of Al Jazeera English , says: ‘There’s a huge potential audience out there. We have more foreign bureaux than the BBC – 145 in all – and we have an army of specialist journalists, and what we will be doing is making our reporting more conversational and relevant to people. Business and finance impacts everyone.

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