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Les bons liens de la veille ( 17 décembre au 27 décembre )

Voici quelques articles dont la pertinence/l’intérêt m’ont marqué au cours des derniers jours. Faites-en bon usage ! 🙂

  • Un nouveau modèle d’affaires: une priorité (cc @Lecho ) – Ce n’est pas tous les jours que l’on s’attaque à son modèle d’affaires. Certains managers ne l’ont peut-être jamais soumis à un examen critique. Les résultats enregistrés par la plupart des entreprises étaient en effet très satisfaisants, voire excellents ces dernières années. Et la tempête de ces 18 derniers mois n’a guère permis de réflexion sur le fond. Mais à présent que le calme revient, on constate que l’environnement s’est transformé. Il est donc grand temps d’adopter une prise de position critique.
  • 10 Small Business Lessons From Zappos – Stories of Zappos, the online shoe retailer, and how they have pioneered a new way of doing customer service, using social media, and selling products online are now all over the business and trade media. From their policies such as paying new recruits to quit within their first 60 days (arguing it costs less in the long run) to having a manifesto of ten principles that guide their customer service team, Zappos has a model that many are trying right now to replicate.
  • Universities adapting to new breed of journalism student – “The students who are choosing to study this field now are choosing it with their eyes much more wide open,” said Bob Stewart, associate director for undergraduate studies for Ohio University’s E.W. Scripps School of Journalism. “One of our goals is to help students … understand learning is going to be a constant. That’s not necessarily something we were teaching 20 years ago.”To get the students ready for a changing world, journalism programs themselves are changing.
  • Wow. Journalist detained at Guantanamo, now back at Al-Jazeera (via @Brizzyc ) – Now, more than a year after his release, Mr. Hajj, a 40-year-old native of Sudan, is back at work at the Arabic satellite news network, leading a new desk devoted to human rights and public liberties. The captive has become the correspondent.
  • Three ways to be an entrepreneurial journalist (via @Mediabistro ) – The seed of every business is the same, and journalism is no exception. They all begin with an idea. And this is one of the most important things to get right.
  • {hum … c’est du Belge ! } Tapulous Sells Nearly $1 Million in iPhone Games Each Month – According to Reuters, it’s now raking in around $1 million from iPhone app sales every month; of course, this doesn’t tell us how much of that money is real profit, but the company claims it’s profitable, and the founders have a very bright outlook for the future.Tapulous CEO Bart Decrem thinks that mobile gaming is the next big thing. “It’s going to be big and all of a sudden people are going to say, ‘Holy cow, where did those guys come from?’” he said. And with companies such as Zynga getting enormous rounds of funding, who can argue against it ?
  • Introducing a New Model for Advertisers -True/Slant – With the launch of T/S Ad Slants and Featured Content Partner pages, True/Slant offers a consumer news experience unlike any other on the Web. On True/Slant, our T/S contributors, their audiences, marketers and featured T/S Content Partners can all publish content and talk to one another in a credible news environment and as participants in a social news stream. They all use the same T/S tools. They all are identifiable players in the curated T/S news process. They’re all on the True/Slant content platform
  • The Use of Twitter by America’s Newspapers (via @xdamman) – Twitter was seemingly everywhere in 2009, with sports stars, celebrities, politicians and journalists using the micro blogging platform to promote everything from themselves to their employers to the issues they advocate for. After several years of assessing the general online presence of the top 100 U.S. newspapers, this year we decided to produce a study specifically about how newspapers and journalists are utilizing Twitter as a way of promoting their content and interacting with readers.
  • YouTube video leads to $30 million Hollywood contract – A producer from Uruguay who uploaded a short film to YouTube in November 2009 has been offered a $30m (£18.6m) contract to make a Hollywood film.
    The movie will be sponsored by director Sam Raimi, whose credits include the Spiderman and Evil Dead films.
    Fede Alvarez’s short film « Ataque de Panico! » (Panic Attack!) featured giant robots invading and destroying Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay.
    It is 4 mins 48 seconds long and was made on a budget of $300 (£186).
  • 10 Rules for Increasing Community Engagement – Getting people to interact with others and upload content to a community-driven site enough may sound easy, but engagement doesn’t happen automatically. It takes time and work, and much of the right formula is deduced through trial and error.Here are 10 tips for increasing user engagement that work for news community web sites, but can apply to all types of online user-engagement communities.

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