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MTV Developing ‘Co-Viewing’ Apps for the iPad

Magazines and newspapers aren’t the only media eying big benefits upon the iPad’s arrival: TV is poised to use the device in new ways, including creating interactive, social apps designed to be used while watching live programming.
MTV Networks, for example, is developing a « co-browsing app meant to be used while watching live TV, » said one executive familiar with MTV’s iPad plans. « This means the iPad could be the appendage that makes interactive TV a reality. »

The Times and Sunday Times websites to charge from June

The Times and The Sunday Times will start charging for their websites from June, it was confirmed today.
News International, the newspapers’ parent company, announced that readers will be offered a day’s use for £1, or £2 for a week’s subscription. Readers who have a seven-day subscription to the print editions will not be charged extra for access to the websites. International pricing has been set at $2/€1.5 a day or $4/€3 for a week.

Y Combinator presents 26 new startups

Startup incubator Y Combinator is hosting its semi-annual Demo Day today. Twice a year, the Mountain View, Calif.-based incubator parades its latest batch of companies onstage to present before potential investors.
This afternoon, 26 companies will pitch their business plans. Approximately half of them have not yet launched. We’ll be in Mountain View to cover the ones that catch our fancy.

How investigative reporting makes use of the internet

With the help of reporting readers the political blog Talking Points Memo revealed the political pattern behind the sudden departures of United States attorneys in the Bush era, as readers accumulated evidence from around the country on who the axed prosecutors were.

Opera more than doubles download numbers in Europe after Choice Screen introduction

Following the introduction of the Choice Screen in Europe, Opera Software is experiencing a dramatic uptake on downloads of its latest browser, Opera 10.50. After the Choice Screen launch in early March, on average, more than half of the European downloads of Opera’s latest browser come directly from the Choice Screen.

One on One: Christopher Poole, Founder of 4chan

The 4chan site is a jumble of content, hosting anything from pictures of cute kittens to wildly disturbing images and language. As Gawker’s Nick Douglas described in 2008, areas of the Web site involve people hoping to “shock, entertain, and coax free porn from each other.” One of the largest Web forums in the United States, the site continues to influence mainstream culture. Here is an edited and condensed version of my chat with Mr. Poole

Roewe 350 touted as the world’s first Android-powered automobile

There’s another gadget to add to the ever-growing and busy list of Google Android-based devices. But this one is a bit bigger than a handheld.
About to make its official launch at the Beijing Auto Show next month, the Roewe 350 hosts a system that will keep drivers and passengers connected to the web while on the open road.

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