Veille technologique du 3 octobre au 8 octobre

  • New Fuel for Local Papers – Medical Marijuana Ads – – When it hit the streets here last week, the latest issue of ReLeaf, a pullout supplement to The Colorado Springs Independent devoted to medical marijuana, landed with a satisfying thud.
    Ads like this one have bulked up newspapers in big markets.
    Forty-eight pages in all, it was stuffed with advertisements for businesses with names like Mile High Mike’s, Happy Buddah and the Healthy Connections (which enticed potential customers with promises of “naughty nurses” to tend to patients’ needs)
  • [eGov] UK, US, EU : Le jour, la nuit et le Moyen-âge, par @nicolaskb (et en Belgique: Cro-Magnon ? cc @VincentVQ) – Lors de la session d’ouverture du Personal Democracy Forum de Barcelone, le 4 octobre dernier, les organisateurs ont donnĂ© la parole Ă  trois poids lourds de diffĂ©rents gouvernements, chacun racontant comment les nouvelles technologies leur permettent de rendre le monde meilleur. L’AmĂ©ricain a parlĂ© des possibilitĂ©s ouvertes par les nouvelles technologies, l’Anglais a racontĂ© très pragmatiquement comment ils procĂ©daient pour rendre leur administration plus digitale. Quant Ă  l’EuropĂ©en, il a pĂ©niblement justifiĂ© son inaction.
  • Google TV Announces Its Programming Partners – – Google announced on Monday its first content partners for Google TV, its effort to marry two mediums — the Internet and television. But the announcement underscored the difficulties companies face as they try to work their way into the living room
  • The 1st European Conference on Coworking, November 19-20th, Brussels, by @jeanyves & @hubbrussels (with @chrismessina) – Coworking Europe brings together thinkers, activists, policy makers and all those interested in uncovering the real potential of coworking in Europe. Blending together local, European and global dimensions and actors, Coworking Europe will feature exciting presentations and inspiring debates.
  • Visite au Data Center Google de Saint-Ghislain, par le @cafenumerique – Ce fut ce samedi 2 octobre que Google inaugurait en grande pompe son centre de donnĂ©es, maintenant opĂ©rationnel, après presque 1an et demi de travaux (dĂ©butĂ©s fin 2008). C’est ainsi que familles et enfants des employĂ©s Ă©taient invitĂ©s Ă  prĂ©senter ce complexe aux journalistes, habitants, politiques et Ă  quelques enthousiastes tirĂ© au hasard (dont je faisait partie, merci Ă  Christophe) lors de ce Google Community Day.
  • Opening Weekend: The Social Network Tops Box Office With $23 Million In Ticket Sales – This probably isn’t too surprising. The Social Network, which had received overwhelmingly positive reviews from critics, topped the box office opening weekend with $23 million in ticket sales (some of which was contributed by Facebook itself in a screening for employees on Friday).
  • Google’s CEO: ‘The Laws Are Written by Lobbyists’ – « The average American doesn’t realize how much of the laws are written by lobbyists » to protect incumbent interests, Google CEO Eric Schmidt told Atlantic editor James Bennet at the Washington Ideas Forum. « It’s shocking how the system actually works. »
  • Rise of the Online Autocrats – WSJ – It turns out that the enemies of free expression are adept at the Internet, too.
  • ‘Newspaper companies that will survive will not consider themselves newspaper companies – « It’s not the newspaper I am fighting to save. It’s the scale of the newsrooms of newspaper companies I want to preserve so that in turn we can preserve our democracy. And these newsrooms will be preserved only if newspaper companies find a sustainably profitable business model in the digital media environment in which they now compete. »

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