Meetup: « The Startups & The Press » (LeWagon Brussels)


Thanks to Anne Collet, managing partner at Le Wagon Brussels, and Charlotte Deprez, I’ve been invited to moderate a great panel of PR & Press professionnals on Thursday April 30th, at the CO.STATION in Brussels.

Le Wagon wants to make these young talents become actors of this « tech » innovation. We design hands-on programs to teach them web development and get them job-ready with these new powers.

It’s always a pleasure to meet and share with the coders community, the true internet’ s poets. Topic of the day was right in the middle of two of my favorites occupations: helping startups growing and building trust with the audiences, tanks to meaningfull conversations.

00:00: Intro, by Anne Collet.

07:35: Conference: The Startups & The Press

• Saar Dietvorst, Content strategist at Contentcats —@SaarDietvorst

• Alexis Safarikas, co-founder & CMO at ListMinut —@AlexiSafarikas

• Frederik Tibau, journalist for Datanews — @frederiktibau

• Patrick Van Waeyenberge, co-founder at Newsmonkey —@Patteks

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