Les bons liens de la veille – 11 août 2009

Voici quelques articles dont la pertinence/l’intérêt m’ont marqué au cours des dernières 24H. Faites-en bon usage ! 🙂

  • Online Video Streaming on the Rise – The percentage of Americans streaming full-length TV shows and movies on the Internet has more than doubled in the last six months, according to research from Ipsos MediaCT’s biannual MOTION Study.
  • Les 3 Suisses ou la promotion qui dérape… | via @palpitt – Le problème a pris en seulement 4 jours une telle ampleur que le référencement des 3 Suisses sur Google est aujourd’hui catastrophique sans parler des tentatives de Google bombing. En tapant les mots clés “inadmissible incompétence” sur le moteur de recherche les 4 premières pages de résultats renvoient vers des notes détaillant l’affaire et la “boulette” des 3 Suisses sans compter les milliers de réactions sur Twitter et le problème d’image auquel l’entreprise doit désormais faire face…
  • Delicious Founder: I Wish I Had Not Sold to Yahoo – He made his comments during a conversation on Hacker News (Hacker News). Joshua responded to a comment claiming Yahoo was cool with “Since when is Yahoo cool?” Then he described Yahoo as a “sausage factory” before making the following statement:I guess. I think the folks that pay Linus or whatever have done more for OS. Sun’s opensolaris, too. MySQL, etc too. Just by sheer weight of code.

    The problem is that the number of cool projects is pretty minimal. They’re in duck and cover mode. They’ll get pushed to trim employees further and further to stretch the revenues out.

    I wish I had not sold it to them. The cash and freedom do not even come close; I would rather work on a big, popular product.

Des puces « à la Wii » pour monitorer les chocs infligés aux joueurs de foot US

Simbex has put accelerometer chips from Analog Devices into football helmets that have been worn by hundreds of college and high school players. The helmets are fitted with the type of chip that gives the Nintendo Wii its motion-sensing magic.

Des puces "à la Wii" pour monitorer les chocs infligés aux joueurs de foot US